We have been featured in iKamper’s website, the creator of our rooftop tent home. We were one of the first to use their latest product, the Skycamp, and they invited us to share our story overlanding the Americas with it. Our first writing piece was published, check it out! 👇👇👇 http://ift.tt/2FSKYcx

Vueltamerica: Episode 1 Start the journey
This post is the first in a blog series showing #ikampercrew members on an adventure with the Skycamp. Enjoy! Meet: Vueltamerica, a couple who left their jobs in Ohio, got in their Toyota4Runner and iKamper Skycamp, and are currently driving down to the end of the world, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina….
More info @ http://ift.tt/2FSKYcx
Automated post from Vueltamerica – http://ift.tt/2yFv3Kt
March 15, 2018 at 08:35AM

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