Traveling with your significant other can be hard. We have found ourselves in scary and stressful situations with only each other to rely on. Yesterday, we went for a hike and got lost. Like really lost. We veered from the trail and found ourselves deep into the thick, untamed wild. At first it was funny and we joked that we were trail blazers, and we surfed down big tree trunks. But then it got stressful with no end in sight. A two hour hike became a five hour hike. . But these are the moments when you are super glad to be together as a team relying on each other’s strengths. With Jose’s keen insight of maps and my sense of direction, we found our way out, as a team. . We’ll keep arguing about the stupid stuff, of course;) And not a bad view to get lost in. . . . . . . #RealTalk #Couples #relationshipsbelike #teamwork #KeepitWild #Nature #lifeofadventure #ontheroad #ExpeditionPortal #Tourtheplanet #lifestyleoverland #overlandinglife #travelgram #patagonia #relationshipgoals #vueltamerica

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