Mate. An Argentine staple. Here’s how it works: One person has the hot water thermos and pours hot water into the loose leaf tea. He pours for everyone, going in a round. Don’t stir, just drink. Don’t hold onto it too long, just drink. Don’t say thank you, just drink. . You drink the hot tea through the metal straw (which has holes on the end, filtering the leaves) finish it to the bottom, then return it to the thermos server, who pours for the next person. . If you say ‘gracias’ that means you’re done and that you don’t want anymore (Jose messed this one up a lot jaja so polite). . Mate has an effect similar to caffeine that is called “mateína” and keeps you energized all day. We are staying in a cute log cabin campsite in Bariloche and made friends with this Argentine couple who taught us all the social traditions around this addicting tea. Mate has been passed around our log cabin all day and social hour continues. . . . . . #Argentina #Bariloche #Mate #Matelove #Culture #travelgram #patagonia #latinculture #vueltamerica

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