Day 6 of 5, Torres del Paine, W-trek . Day 6 out of 5? Yes. Perks of overlanding? You have your own car. After the tour, we took a day for laundry and resting then the following day went back into the National Park Torres del Paine to do that first day’s hike 22k again on a day forecasted for better weather with hopes to see those iconic ‘torres’. . It was a gorgeous sunny day all morning, but just as we came up toward the end of the hike, we just barely caught a glimpse of those towers before a huge white cloud swallowed it and we trudged back in rain and snow. . In Patagonia, you can experience all four seasons in one day. And we did! . . . . . . #Chile #TorresdelPaine #theW #trekking #SwoopAdventures #Patagonia #TravelChile #ExploreLatinAmerica #KeepitWild #SouthAmerica #instatravel #travelgram #optoutside #ontheroad #ExpeditionPortal #Tourtheplanet #TravelGoals #NextTravelGoals #lifestyleoverland #overlandinglife #vueltamerica

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