We made it to the Penguins! We always said they would be waiting for us at the end of the Americas poppin champagne, congratulating and welcoming us 🍾 . We don’t have a profesh camera, so we used the telescope for a close up. The furry brown ones in the front are the kids, and the adult King Penguins have black beaks and that distinct bright orange jaw. King Penguins stand tall, reaching to the waist of a grown man. And they make the cutest little squeaking noise. . We visited these king penguins on the coast of the island Tierra del Fuego. It was so so cold, but these guys were so so cute. 🐧 . . . . . . . #Argentina #EndoftheWorld #Patagonia #Penguins #TravelArgentina #ExploreLatinAmerica #KeepitWild #SouthAmerica #instatravel #travelgram #optoutside #outsidemagazine #ontheroad #ExpeditionPortal #Tourtheplanet #NextTravelGoals #lifestyleoverland #overlandinglife #vueltamerica

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