After making it to the southern most extreme city of the Americas, we are making our way up the Atlantic coast toward Buenos Aires. . This stretch north is over 3,000 km (like driving Cincinnati to Phoenix) through the Argentine pampas and wild open fincas. . We camped a couple nights in Península Valdés, known for their orcas sightings and patagonia wildlife. Our whale watching wasn’t successful, but we saw sea lions, elephant seas, penguins, armadillos, guanacos, condors, and flamingos. . We had a blast with our travel buddies @rnrontheroad with bonfires and argentine wine and making the long drive so enjoyable. Cheers! . . . . . . #Argentina #Patagonia #patagoniawildlife #PenisulaValdes #TravelArgentina #ExploreLatinAmerica #KeepitWild #instatravel #travelgram #animales #optoutside #outsidemagazine #ontheroad #ExpeditionPortal #Tourtheplanet #lifestyleoverland #overlandinglife #vueltamerica

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