(Lindsey here)Day 239 and the cold got to us. “Activate Winter Procedure” (Jose sometimes thinks we are on a space ship 🙄). We both started the process: put on base layers, then warmer layers, then coa/hat/gloves. Clip in the insulation layer in the tent. Pull out all 3 alpaca blankets. Use rubber gloves to wash the dishes. . We made soup then hurried up into the tent. Snuggled under the alpaca blankets, sleeping bag, and still wearing two winter coats (dramatic I know) we put in a movie, and I felt so much better. . Around 1am, a car pulls up and someone knocks on the car door loudly. We held our breath. “Si?” “Che, puedes bajar, quiero hablar contigo? (Dude can you get out, I want to speak with you) It was two cops who told us that this was a dangerous place to camp and asked us to leave first thing in the morning. Dangerous? Should we leave? Where would we go at 1am? I couldn’t sleep. You know when you’re scared and you try to talk yourself out of it, but fear is irrational? I thought about when I was a little girl scared of the bad men in the closet. Mom opens the closet to show you there’s nothing there and you can finally sleep. . Can’t sleep. Too scared. I have to pee. An hour goes by. Screw the cold, I’m going down there. I got out from under my 20,000 layers, climbed down the ladder and squatted in the grass to pee and realized there were no scary men sitting by the car with knives. Shocker. Cheers to facing your fears and facing the cold and peeing in the grass making you a stronger person. 💪🏽 . . . . . . #Sometimesoverlandingsucks #FaceYourFears #Camping #Argentina #TravelArgentina #Travelblog #ExploreLatinAmerica #KeepitWild #SouthAmerica #instatravel #travelgram #optoutside #ontheroad #rtt #rooftoptent #Tourtheplanet #NextTravelGoals #lifestyleoverland #overlandinglife #travelbloggerlife #travelbloggervibes #vueltamerica

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