About Us


Lindsey and José are a salsa dancing, active living, music making, adventure seeking couple reaching for meaning and beauty in life.  Serving on Non-Profit Boards and Hispanic Forums, they are both very passionate about social justice and Hispanic/Latino Communities. They are both fluent in Spanish. They plan to incorporate sustaniable living, volunteering, and learning from the locals as a part of their big adventure.

José is an aviation engineer at GE  by day (He makes big shit fly) and musician by night.

He loves to play guitar, scuba dive, and climb obstacles through the mud in Tough Mudder races.

His journey around the world started when he moved to the states from Puerto Rico straight out of college, lived/studied in Spain, and traveling most of Europe.


Lindsey is an Operations Manager by day (She gets shit done) and Zumba instructor by night.

She loves to read, salsa dance, run marathons, and learn new yoga poses.

Her journey around the world started when she was born in OC California, moved to Costa Rica after college, and traveled most of central/south America.


José and Lindsey found each other in a taco bar in the heart of the OTR art district and connected over guac and margaritas. The rest is history..

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