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…Countdown: Less than 2 months ’til take off!
We can’t tell you how much we appreciate that you are following our story, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you! One of the goals for this journey is to support organizations and non-profits along the way. In addition to following our blog, there are MORE ways to get involved!
Su Casa painting
Get involved: Support Locally: 
Support Su Casa Hispanic Center which is our local organization that offers Education, Health, and Social Services to our Hispanic/Latino community here in Cincinnati. Volunteer opportunities include tutoring, event planning, interpreting, and more! Stay tuned for an exclusive fundraising event coming soon!
Connection: We have both been volunteers for years, and Lindsey serves on Su Casa’s  Advisory board.
Get involved: Support Internationally:
Support Lemonade International which supports local schools and community leaders break cycles of poverty, violence, and injustice through education, gang prevention, and community relief for the people of Guatemala City.
Involvement opportunities include sponsoring a child or a teacher and supporting the relief fund and more!
Connection: J&L plan to volunteer when they get to Guatemala, and Lindsey’s sister Rebecca lived and worked with Lemonade for 5 years.
vuelta bike
Get involved: Support us:
Some friends and family have mentioned their desire to give us a ‘going away’ gift, and we would absolutely appreciate that. Please get gifts in no later than 8/25, since we want to be all packed and ready to go.
“Support our upcoming trip to South America. Each gift will make our 8 month trip easier, safer and more enjoyable. Thank you so much!”
– Jose & Lindsey
Check it outVueltamerica Registry
– L & J

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