“Everyone is on their own journey.” “Be aware of all the beauty around you and the beautiful relationships in your life.” “The universe is not around you, but within you.” “If you’re an asshole who happens to do yoga, you’re still an asshole doing yoga.” 😆 quotes from our yoga instructor yesterday. Today we did our own practice together. We did some acro yoga and vinyasa. Props to Jose for putting up with the ‘yogi namaste talk’ and doing yoga with me. 😘Incredible beautiful spot with a view of the volcano. ✌🏽

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Oaxaca used to be full of street art by a collection of artists named Lapiztola collective (a pun on the Spanish words for pencil and pistol). We went on a city hunt of these murals only to learn that most of them have been removed by the Mexican government due to their strong political and social justice symbolism. Most of them have been painted over. Only a couple remain in this artistic cultural city. #streetart #oaxaca

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Took Baja Ferry to Mazatlan and caravanning mex mainland with our new German friends! We camped by a lake, grilled a piña and avacado salad, listened to The National, played Spanish cards Briscas, and talked about life on the road. They are headed to Ushuaia too. My favorite has been the long breakfasts. Our routine is waking up with the sun, drinking a French press slowly, studying the map and planning our day. My not-favorite is squatting in the grass to clean dishes in a faucet, bugs, and cold showers. Transitioning from beach towns to city life for the next couple days. Looking forward to it!

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